About Kevin M. Hughes

I was born in Dunmore, PA (which is right outside of Scranton, PA) where I attended Dunmore High School and graduated from there in 2000.  I currently live in Charlotte, NC.  I went to Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania where I graduated with a BSBA in Finance in 2004.

When it comes to sports I am a DIE HARD Notre Dame & NY Giants fan (yes, the Notre Dame thing gets painful at times but loyalty & love isn’t easy); for basketball, I will watch it because I love that as well…  No favorite team.

I currently trade my own money and am loving it!!  I did run a managed account service for clients where I traded the currency market.  The financial markets are my passion and have been since I was a teenager.

As I said before, I am extremely passionate when it comes to the financial markets, trading them, analyzing them & beating them.  I am also interested in opening up other companies or becoming an investor.  I just love business & believe the small business owner (and their business) is the driving force to our economy.  And I love to see when a small company makes it huge!  It’s the american dream.

I hope you enjoy the site & I look forward to reading your feedback.